One of the best parts of the garden is the snacking. I learned this last year, and made sure to have lots of snackable plants in my garden this year.

I had hoped that the berries would be highest on my list this year, but most of the raspberry and strawberry plants I bought have died, and the strawberries that survived (Albion) are honestly not that tasty. They’re not bad, just not amazing. The older raspberry bushes should start ripening in the next week or so, so I’ll get to start picking on those soon. In the meantime….

We have peas! I’ve been snacking on the Magnolia Blossom peas (Baker Creek) for about a month now. They were the only pea I got into the dirt this spring, and this variety turned out to actually be very vigorous. The peas are very sweet, with a slight, almost musty aftertaste that ‘s not actually unpleasant. And they are crisp and full of water and are just generally refreshing.

I also got a chance to harvest my first shelling peas (Green Arrow, from Sustainable Seeds). Though these should technically be harvested as a bunch of shelled for dinner, they were also vey tasty. Despite planting about ten plants, I’m not sure that I’ll get to harvest enough for an actual recipe. So, fresh eating it is!

The other best part of the garden, in my experience, is just sitting and enjoying it. I haven’t had a chance to do much of that yet this year due to our blazing hot weather, but last night and this morning it was finally cool enough to do so. A warm night, a cool breeze, and plenty of green and growing things all around. Happiness. ❤

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