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Garden Tour, May 31 2023

It’s been a busy Spring! Here’s a video tour I took for my sister in California. Garden tour, part 1 Garden tour, part 2

Garden Successes–Spring 2022

I’m planning out the garden for 2023, so it seemed a good time to reflect back on how last year’s garden went. Spring’s Successes: Probably my biggest success in Spring 2022 was my basement nursery. I was able to sow and grow over 200 different varieties of plants in a 4’x5’x2′ area with a few…

Fall Sowing, 2022

The garden has been super busy this summer, and I am barely keeping up. (You know, the usual.) I’m still waiting on my tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and tomatillos to ripen, and I have already harvested the last of the snap peas and fava beans. Carrot and leek harvesting is ongoing; lettuces come and go depending…

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