One Seed Challenge, 2022

One of the things I picked up from Nicole over at Flower Hill Farm is the idea of the One Seed Challenge (#oneseedchallenge). The main idea with this being that, yes, seeds are cheap, and we usually have many more than we could ever use, but it’s easy in the midst of that to lose the value of the seed itself. Any and every seed could be the start of a beautiful or nourishing plant. One seed could, in time, grow a tree strong enough to take down stone walls, or provide the underlying root structure to that could prevent acres of valuable topsoil from blowing away. Seeds, though many, are powerful on their own.

The seed I’m using for this challenge was very generously sent to me from a member of the Flower Hill Farm 2022 Grow-Along FB group. He had a bunch of Floret seeds to pass out, and I received a few Moonstone Aster seeds. I have one planted up now, in the hopes that it will pull through (and not get lost in the hundreds of other seeds I’ll be sowing this spring!) As it is, though I thought I had an almost full packet of aster seeds fromBaker Creek, the packet is missing, so this will be the only aster plant I’m growing this year. The variety–Moonstone–is my favorite color of aster, a dusky lavender. I can’t wait to see it grow!