So my Japanese Maple arrived Friday, somewhat unexpectedly. All of my tree babies have now come home to roost! I received the maple from Nature Hills, which is a big online live plant store, and also one I as a bit concerned about, as their delivery time frame was “Spring”, no matter how many times I emailed them for updates. Still, the tree did arrive in good shape–4.5′ tall or so, with many branches and leaves–and it did arrive in, well, Spring. Currently I have it in a tall fabric pot where the moon garden will be, though long-term it’ll be in the lawn next to to Moon Garden.

The apple trees in the yard are also coming along nicely. They all have started budding–even my branchless Charlie Brown reject from Home Depot has miraculously started budding. The HoneyCrisp in particular is looking quite healthy.

I also have a Dwarf Mulberry I bought as a seedling from Baker Creek last year. It grew well and survived the winter–as far as I can tell. It hasn’t started budding, but I found last year that Mulberries LOVE the heat. And the branches are still flexible, so hopefully it will rebound come summer. I have a Russian Hardy pomegrante tree which I also got last year as a seedling, but it was attacked by the cat multiple times. Still, it’s survived this long, hopefully it will put on some height this year!

Dwarf Mulberry, with three strawberries planted at its base. Russian Hardy Pomegrante in the background.

The 30-year-old Bartlett Pear tree as are chugging right along. They just finished blooming in April and are now putting on leaves. I should trim the tops, but we’ll see how it goes. (They had a huge harvest least year, and I hear pear trees only put out a big harvest every three years, so pruning it is pretty low on my to-do list currently.)

Two Bartlett Pear trees

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